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Distributing Your Survey: Collecting Lots of Data


If you’ve ever run and managed an online survey, you’ve likely spent time worrying about what questions to ask.While the questions are certainly important, you also need to make sure that your survey reaches a lot of people and that you obtain high-quality data.

Over the next few days, we’ll be discussing the importance of:

1.Getting your survey out to as many survey-takers as possible. If they don’t see your survey, how can they participate?

2.Ensuring that the data you receive is reliable and of good quality. Many surveys become victims of Garbage In, Garbage Out. In other words, poorly designed and distributed surveys return worthless data.

First, let’s talk about data collection. The most important rule is to collect lots of high quality data — the more the better.

Here are some ways to achieve that:

Beat spam filters
If you’re scratching your head wondering why your response rate is so low, keep in mind that people can’t take surveys they don’t receive. The most likely culprit — too many of your survey invitations are ending up in spam filters.

One of the key reasons for survey invitations getting stuck in spam filters is the MX record mismatch. I’ll spare you the technical details, but it’s very likely your current survey tool has this problem. If your email is being trapped, and your technical support has no idea why, you must relay your email through your own mail server.

Open all channels
It’s essential to have multiple ways to launch your survey.

SoGoSurvey helps you reach a wider audience through the following ways:

Text message invites allow people to complete their survey on their smartphones,tablets and other mobile devices
•Send Email invites to email addresses you have on record
Chain invites allow all your participants to send survey invites to up to 10 of their contacts
Social Media platforms are integrated with our system so that you can publish your surveys on Facebook and Twitter
Embed a link to your survey in every website that grants you permission
Send passwords on postcards via snail mail to those for whom you don’t have email addresses

You see the pattern here; it’s best if you can reach your participants every way possible, from wireless to carrier pigeon.

Most survey software platforms don’t offer Chain Invites, SMS Invites or even Social Media Integration, thereby limiting distribution options.

SoGoSurvey not only lets you collect data using all these channels, we also make it possible for you to analyze the data individually by each channel or by combining all the channels.

Check back tomorrow to learn about leveraging your distribution channels.

Why Conduct Online Marketing Research Surveys?


Ever wonder why a marketing survey is so important?

Since the internet and mobile technology have made it possible to reach people on the go, marketing surveys are a perfect tool to take your customers’ pulse.

Here’s why SoGoSurvey advocates conducting these types of surveys:

Revise Product Offerings or Pricing

Send an online feedback survey to design effective product improvement strategies that will boost sales. It will also help you set customer satisfaction goals and implement achievement strategies. Market research surveys provide critical information about your target market, as well as their buying habits and product feedback.

You can also learn about customer awareness and identify potential customers.

Social Media Presence

There’s no denying that leveraging social media is a critical business strategy. Running surveys is a good way to locate your target audience, while identifying the benefits of Facebook and Twitter will help you devise productive social media strategies to maximize your online survey results.

By running a market survey, you can also:

  • Gain insights into customer demographics to identify potential customers and increase the satisfaction of your existing customers.
  • Understand market segmentation based on demographics in order to design aggressive market strategies for segments that may share common attributes such as demographics, geography, lifestyle, product usage and brand affinity.
  • Decide how and when to launch your creative campaigns.
  • Decide branding, positioning and naming guidelines.
  • Embed your survey on your website or another web page. This is another avenue to drive traffic to your website and boost revenues.

Use SoGoSurvey to run your next online marketing survey, and watch your participation rates soar!


Employee Engagement Surveys — They’re Kind of Important

employee engagement

Despite the massive success of Black Friday and Cyber Monday — consumers spent nearly $60 billion — you don’t need an Employee Engagement Survey to know that hardworking people do not like being forced from their beds at 3:00 a.m. in order to accommodate an out of control consumer culture.

But it definitely would’ve helped.

With the boycotting of big box retailers and the demise of the beloved Hostess Brands, workers are increasingly expressing their frustration with their perceived mistreatment. Once this news reaches the public, both sides — management and employees — are intent on a showdown. This can have negative consequences for the company and its workers. How can you avoid a similar fate?

The first step in conflict resolution is listening.

Employee Engagement Surveys are not some touchy-feely, New Age solution. They are an invaluable tool that will help you address problems and conflicts before they get out of hand. Ultimately, obtaining feedback about your employees’ questions, suggestions or concerns has a positive effect on your bottom line.

Businesses large and small can benefit from conducting these surveys. SoGoSurvey provides an easy and intuitive platform that creates online surveys and automatically graded assessments. We also have a repository of expertly crafted employee assessment surveys that will meet your business needs.

In addition, you can distribute your surveys in a variety of ways, including SMS, and receive instant feedback from your employees. This versatility ensures that you receive reliable data that you can immediately act on.

Don’t wait until you’re down to your last Twinkie before you begin communicating effectively with your workers. Growing your profits demands that you respect your employees. That respect begins with a constructive dialogue. That dialogue begins with listening.

Writing Effective Survey Questions — Why It’s Important

Nothing contributes to the success of your survey as much as the right survey questions. So, it’s important to spend time crafting your questions. Good questions provide you with high quality, reliable data.

On the other hand, poorly structured questions lead to incomplete surveys, unfocused responses and biased results. Such responses will render your research incomplete, inaccurate and ineffective.

Here are a few dos and don’ts of writing effective survey questions.

Write sharply focused questions.

Each question should be concise and focused. Clear questions elicit clear and relevant responses.

Write direct questions.

Don’t ask rambling or confusing questions. Your participants may become confused and frustrated, causing them to drop out. Keep your questions short and direct.

Don’t write leading questions.

Never write questions that suggest the answers, as that introduces bias into your results. It is important that you maintain the accuracy and objectivity of your survey.

Use neutral language.

Don’t use loaded or emotive words in your questions.

Avoid double-barreled questions.

Double-barreled questions are ineffective because they have two possible responses, which can easily confuse respondents. Instead, use branching for convenience and clarity.

Don’t use absolute words.

Stay away from absolute words such as all, best and ever because these words force respondents to fully agree or disagree with your questions. Take a more nuanced approach in order to obtain more specific responses.

Writing effective survey questions leads to higher participation and better data — and that’s what it’s all about.

Increasing Response Rates for Your Online Surveys

To increase your survey response rates, you must make your survey interesting and interactive. It should be visually engaging and follow certain guidelines:

Respect Other People’s Time

It is imperative that you respect your survey participant’s time. Make sure your survey is short, crisp and relevant, in addition to providing clearly visible information and instructions. SoGoSurvey’s Pre-Population feature allows you to pre-fill known fields such as name, age and email address, which shows your participants you know who they are and are not wasting their time.

Personalize Your Invitations

The famous television show, Cheers,said it best. We want to go where everybody knows our name. Personal touches play an extremely important role in higher response rates. Use SoGoSurvey’s Customized Email option to add a personal touch to your survey invitations.

Get it, Got It, Good

SoGoSurvey offers you many ways to distribute your online survey invites. These include publishing your survey via email, SMS/text message, social media sites and webpages. Having multiple ways to distribute your survey ensures that you reach the most participants.

It’s All In the Name

Your survey title or subject line should accurately convey what your survey is about. This is not only an ethical obligation but also a legal one — the Can Spam Act of 2003 outlaws the use of false or misleading headers or subject lines. And, by creating an accurate, catchy title, you’re sure to grab your participants’ attention, thereby increasing survey response rates.

Eliminate GIGO

We are human; mistakes happen. But be careful because sending out error-ridden surveys will lead to participants dropping out and opting out. Avoid these issues with SoGoSurvey’s test invites. This level of quality control helps you eliminate mistakes before your survey goes live.

So what are you waiting for? Choose SoGoSurvey and watch your participation rates soar!

From Tech to Touchy-Feely: Using Online Surveys to Build Relationships

In the land before time, conducting surveys was primarily a data driven process. Marketing directors, human resource managers and anyone else who made a living studying human behavior used surveys to turn our thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions into a series of zeroes and ones. With this data, they hoped to learn something about us.

What those early survey administrators failed to identify, however, is why people take surveys in the first place.

We want our voices to be heard. And we want them to matter.

The move from paper to online surveys over the past decade has allowed companies to not just reach a broader, more diverse audience, but to also build strong relationships with customers and potential customers.

SoGoSurvey is all about cultivating those relationships.

The recent advances in technology have created a consumer base that craves personal attention in all facets of their lives.With SoGoSurvey, you can easily identify, track and reward your most loyal customers, while collecting powerful, invaluable data. Our personalized invitations and customized thank you notes are just two features to help you engage your audience.

It’s time to move beyond the data to build lasting relationships.


November 21, 2012


Around 15 years ago, the world of market research underwent fundamental changes. Before this shift, survey creation, distribution and reporting was a time-consuming process. However, as the internet grew in popularity and utility, everything changed — including the way we conduct surveys.

These original survey platforms provided simple, easy-to-use solutions for people concerned mostly with convenience. Today, however, businesses need — and customers demand — much more.

The technology of that time, from the CD player to Nokia phone, has already drifted into nostalgia and kitsch, with many of the early online survey platforms following suit.By failing to keep up with technology, these platforms soon became obsolete.

The era of quick and dirty is over. So is the era of simplicity for simplicity’s sake.

SoGoSurvey is at the cutting edge of the online survey revolution. We giveyou the necessary controls and tools to create customized, engaging surveys, while our distribution module integrates essential marketing and branding concepts. And our reporting mechanism crunches and analyzes your data to best identify significant trends.

At SoGoSurvey, we’re committed to efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. The world of surveys has changed plenty over the last few years. As people demand more, we can only imagine how survey platforms will work in the next 10 years. But, rest assured, SoGoSurvey will still be at the forefront.

Sending out Surveys: It’s All About Timing? Get the Timing Right!

Just like in comedy, successful surveys rely on impeccable timing.

To receive the highest possible participation rates, you must pay attention to when you launch your survey. Assuming your target respondents are professionals, here’s our day-by-day rundown:



Why: Inboxes are usually emptier.

Why not: Mondays are busy, so taking a survey may not be a high priority.

Our verdict: Probably best to send survey invites in the afternoon.


Why: Most people have planned their week, allotting time for emails.

Why not: Today is NOT a good day if you have scheduled weekend responses for your survey invites.

Our verdict: Distribute survey invites only if you want to receive responses during the rest of the week.

Wednesday and Thursday

Why: Work schedules are usually lighter on these days, so your invite might catch the participant’s eye.

Why not: Unfortunately, survey invites sent on these days compete with work deadlines.

Our verdict: Send survey invites in late afternoon — participants may be ready for a work break.


Why: Studies indicate that fewer emails are sent on Fridays, so your invite might be seen.

Why not: It’s FRIDAY! Most people have already checked out.

Our verdict: On Fridays, send your emails as early as possible.

Saturday and Sunday

Why: While some people might check emails on weekends, your invite had better be attention-grabbing.

Why not: You don’t want to alienate those who find electronic communication intrusive.

Our verdict: For higher participation rates, skip Saturday and focus on Sunday.

Survey Says . . .

Focus on Wednesdays and Thursdays — you’re competing with fewer emails and lighter work schedules.

Of course, this isn’t an exact science. So try sending invites on different days of the week to see what works best.

Just remember: No matter what day you choose, a well-structured survey with a personalized, engaging invitation will ultimately make all the difference.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoGoSurvey

With so many online survey tools, it can be hard to decide which survey solution to choose. Appropriating a time-honored tradition from the venerable talk show host David Letterman, we proudly present:

Best Online Survey Tool

Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoGoSurvey

  1. We eliminate language barriers.

SoGoSurvey’s Multilingual feature allows you to create your survey in up to 32 different languages. This ensures that your survey is unbound by language barriers, so that you stay connected with participants worldwide.

  1. Our platform makes it hard for participants to get lost.

SoGoSurvey’s Branching and Advanced Branching features provide a directed, concise survey experience, by allowing you to route respondents around irrelevant questions based on their answers to previous questions.

  1. SoGoSurvey lets you pick up where you left off.

Have you ever been in the midst of creating a survey only to realize you have a more pressing deadline? With SoGoSurvey’s Save & Edit Later feature, you can save your work and return later to finish. Survey participants can do the same with our Save & Continue Later feature.

  1. Create flexible, engaging surveys in minutes.

Most surveys are predictable and mundane, which makes them a drag to complete. SoGoSurvey not only offers 16 advanced question types, we also offer a fully customizable interface. Create personalized, engaging surveys and watch your participation rates soar.

  1. Keep your hole card hidden.

If you don’t want participants to see the cards you’re holding, let them make the first move. SoGoSurvey’s Question Display Logic displays certain questions to survey participants based upon answers to previous questions.

  1. We eliminate redundancy.

SoGoSurvey’s Data Population feature allows you to enter certain known answers beforehand, saving your participants valuable time.

  1. In our world, 2 +2 can equal 5.

Have you created two surveys and now want to combine them? With SoGoSurvey’s Merge Surveys feature, you can construct a new survey by merging two or more surveys, along with their responses.

  1. Get your surveys ready for their close-up.

SoGoSurvey’s Look & Feel offers a vast array of customizable options, so you can create a survey that matches the look of a particular website or blog. You can even embed your survey into your website or blog to generate exposure and collect instant feedback.

  1. We provide targeted solutions.

SogoSurvey’s Poll feature is perfect for asking one question to obtain a general overview of audience opinion. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide targeted solutions that meet your specific needs.

And the #1 reason to choose SoGoSurvey:

  1. Respondents can participate on the go.

The world is going mobile, and so are we. SoGoSurvey provides a built-in mobile survey solution, accessible via all tablet computers and smartphone operating systems.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for SoGoSurvey today, and discover the ease and power of our online survey solution!

Introduction to SoGoSurvey’s Distribution Report

Analyze your survey like NEVER before using your personal scorecard

At SoGoSurvey, our main objective is to ensure that once your survey is launched, it doesn’t just disappear into a black hole. SoGoSurvey’s robust Distribution Report shows you exactly who has received your invitation, who has not and why, and even who has opened the invitation but has not yet participated.

What is Distribution Report?

-  Distribution Report allows the survey creator to monitor the distribution of survey invitations and participation specifics. You can also verify delivery dates and analyze possible reasons for unsatisfactory response rates.

-  Distribution Report allows you to export selected records from the survey.

Distribution Report Instructions:

Step #1:

a)      Go to the ‘Launch a Survey’ tab

b)      Select any Survey

c)      Click on the ‘Track Survey’ button

d)      Select ‘Distribution Report’

For Public Surveys: The Distribution Report displays the following fields: Opt-Out Status, Email Address, Sent Date/Time and Sent Delivery status.

For Private Surveys: The Distribution Report displays the following fields: Opt-Out, Email Address, Sent Date/Time, Sent Delivery Status, Participation Status and Participation Date/Time.

Note: If the survey is anonymous, most of the identifying information is private and cannot be viewed by the survey creator.

Step #2:

The Distribution Report displays Opt-Out Status, Email Address, Status of Sent Mails, Date and Delivery Status, and IP Addresses for both Private and Public Surveys.

Opt-Out Status:

Opt-Out Status: The participant who received the invitation email has opted-out of just this survey, opted-out of this and all future surveys or done neither. You can filter email addresses accordingly.

Email Addresses:

Email Addresses: Lists all of the addresses where the survey invite has been sent. You can filter email addresses alphabetically.


-  Completed: The survey has been completed and submitted by the participant.

-  Incomplete: The respondent has clicked on the Save and Continue option during participation.

-  Email Read/Not Participated: The respondent has read the invitation email, but has not yet participated.

-  Bounced: The respondent’s email address was bounced back to the sender.

-  Email Scheduled: The invitations are scheduled to be sent at a particular date and time in the future.

-   Sent for Delivery:Lists the emails that have been sent to participants.

-   Dropped Out: The respondent has abandoned the survey.

-   Email Delivered/Not Read: Invitation has been delivered but not read by the participant.


 Delivery Status:

-  Delivered: The invite has reached the inbox.

-  Bounced: The respondent did not receive the invitation because their mailbox is full, their email address is invalid or due to other technical issues.

- Email Scheduled: The invitations are scheduled for a particular date and time in the future.

-  Sent for Delivery: The emails have been sent to the participants.

Participation details display the date the participant participated in the survey and their IP address, unless the survey is anonymous.

Clicking on Distribution Report will display five options: Delete, Opt-Out, Cancel Opt-Out, Export and Detailed Log.

-  Delete: The email identification will be deleted from the log after confirmation of the deletion message.

-  Opt-Out: Unsubscribes email addresses from receiving future survey invitations. Once you have unsubscribed to any of the email addresses, the status shows ‘Opted-Out’ next to the email identification.

-  Cancel Opt-Out: Allows you to send survey invitations to an email address that had previously opted out.

-  Export: Allows you to export records from the Distribution Report into an Excel document. This option also allows you to apply filters to your records before you export them.

-  Detailed Log: Shows every survey activity performed by the participant.

Distribution Report’s powerful features allow the survey administrator to monitor minute details about all survey participants. Whether you need to know when a participant received their invitation, or when they submitted the survey, Distribution Report gives you access to this and more information in real time.